How We Provide Peace of Mind

Financial Statement Preparation

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR US TO DO FOR YOU when it comes to your financial statements is to provide information that tells you what you want to know about your business to help you achieve your goals.

Many times, this leads to presenting income, expenses, cash balances, assets owned and liabilities in a format that is customized to your WANTS and NEEDS for information. This type of work is what we are good at. This ability to provide what you want and need is the fun part of accounting for us.

All businesses need to keep a record of their income, expenses, cash balances, assets owned and liabilities that must be paid. There are any number of ways to present this information. CPAs, like us, follow GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, to present this information in the form of financial statements (i.e. the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement).

GAAP-based financial statements are the standard for third parties to use and understand your business results. Bankers need them, bond companies need them, and they’re needed when responding to RFP’s, and sometimes your largest vendors may ask for them as well.

We are experienced in preparing financial statements for a wide range of businesses; such as:

• Internet businesses

• Construction

• Internet of Things (IoT) product suppliers

• Renewable energy providers

• Manufacturing equipment maintenance & repair

• Mechanical service

• Manufacturers representative firms

• Real estate developers

• Professional services; i.e. attorneys, architects, VOIP services, etc.

…to name a few.

We Help Give Our Clients Peace of Mind Through Various Service Offerings: